Los Gatos

The story of Los Gatos, Inc.

In 1994 two brothers started to work in the tree care industry, with one of the brothers climbing trees and the other driving the truck.  People started to nick name them Los Gatos (the cats) because of the ability to climb trees fast, like a cat.  Soon the name stuck and these two brothers started to be known as Los Gatos.

Since 1994, Los Gatos has developed client relationships that range from multifamily homes to commercial properties.  Los Gatos, Inc. was incorporated in 2004 to provide quality landscape and tree care services.  Los Gatos, Inc. is built on family values, hard work and discipline.  Los Gatos, Inc. works hard to build long term relationships with our clients, vendors and our employees.

“Beautifying commercial landscape” is how our clients know that they can trust Los Gatos, Inc. to get the job done right.